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Minton China H2742 Plates circa 1913

I have had this partial set of Minton China for a few years and I have not been able to find much information on it and I have not seen any other pieces come up for auction online, so I have no idea of what these pieces might be worth. I have been able to find a scant amount of information on showing this pattern and that is was produced in 1913 and that the was also a variation with a cobalt blue rim.

I have 6 dinner plates (2 have hairline cracks), 10 salad plates, and 10 small dessert plates, with the exception of the 2 dinner plates there is no damage to the pieces. most of the pieces do show some crazing to the glaze. I bought these at a moving and storage auction in Renton, WA for $90.00 for the group. It was the kind of auction where the vaults were opened and all of the items were cataloged and sold individually. I have attached a picture of the front and back of one of the smaller plates.

What I know about them is that they are Minton, from 1913, they are pattern #H2742 (I belive that the "2" beneath the pattern number indicates the white rim as opposed to the cobalt rim), they were sold by Wright Tyndale & Van Roden of Philadelphia, other than that I have not been able to find anything else.

I am very interested in knowing the value of these pieces and if they are a rarity, they seem to be since I can't find any other pieces.

China, Porcelain, Ceraminc
Distinguishing marks: 
Mintons with a crown over a globe, H2742, Wright Tyndale & Van Roden Philadelphia, Made in England
Date Period: 
1913, according to
Size and dimensions of this item: 
10" dinner plates, 7" salad plates, 6" dessert plates
I don't know anything about these beyond where I bought them at the moving and storage auction.
For Sale?: 


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