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Ismo Gameboard Card Game

I found this Ismo game at a garage Sale for $5. I cannot find any info about this game from Canada in 1983 anywhere. It has never been used and everything inside is original wrap. The box has been tapped on corners because of wear. Is it a collectible, and what is it worth?

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Samstopp's picture

This game is rare but doesn't have a strong collectors market as not too many people have heard if this game. It generally sells for $10-$20 so you didn't get ripped of for $5

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We had this game

as kids and would love to buy this game from you. How much. Not sure how much it is worth but was developed in the Easr Coast Canada. Our aunt bought it for us and is a complicated game I think if I remember correctly. Are you interested in selling it? 

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