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Ming Vase

My grandmother gave me this vase before her death

and said it's a Ming Vase, which was given to her by her Mother. 

This is all I know.  I currently use it as decor in my house. It's in great shape. 

Ceramic I guess
Distinguishing marks: 
Stamp shown in photo at bottom of vase
Date Period: 
During the Ming Dynasty
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Round 9 1/2 in H
Maybe 5lbs
Past down a couple generations in my family.
For Sale?: 


jennife0's picture

Sure would love an Appraisal!!  Been on here since 2016 and never seen ANY sort of response to my request.  This site seems like a joke.

Lovejoy's picture

Quite possibly nobody had seen your post, appraisal requests only show up on the first page of the website for a day or two. Identifying Oriental pottery is a specialist category and the markings are not always of the period they claim, the Chinese in particular famous for producing copies in all styles and periods of their own history. What I can tell you is pressed marks like this tend to be 20th Century and used right through the 1980's, here is a link for you.

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