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Vintage See's Candy Gift Certificates

I have 7 Vintage See's Candy Gift Certificates each certificate is a 2 lb box of candy. I contacted See's candy corporate office. They want them for their 100 year anniversary celebration to put on display for 2021. See's told me there in prestige condition and wanted to trade me for current gift cards. I wanted to know if there is any value to them from a collectors point of view besides the value of a 2 lb box of see's candy of today
Thank you

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 See's Candies is an American manufacturer and distributor of candy, particularly chocolates. It was founded by Charles See, his wife Florence, and his mother Mary in Los AngelesCalifornia in 1921. The company is now headquartered in South San Francisco, California.See's kitchens are located at its headquarters and maintained at its original factory in Los Angeles,where there are also retail shops. It also has an office in Carson, California.The company has been owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Corporation since 1972.  Upon vesting their online shop a 2 lb box of chocolate sells for $42  multiply by 7 would give you would get $294 worth of chocolate and the benefit in knowing you are saving history : )    Mind you Warren Buffet has much more money then that ... perhaps a billion is not too much to ask : )  Perhaps keep one and trade the rest in ...   You may want to send registered mail with signature required ..    

Thanks for sharing  ...  We want chocolate too ... please ... 

Respectfully ... Thomas J. Gordyn Certified Professional Antique Appraiser - AIOA        Proud Gold Member of The American Numismatic Association. 


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