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silverplate silver tea set medallion hallmark

I bought this set today. Each piece is hand numbered. The hallmark or manufacturer mark is figural of a man holding a bow and arrow...there is a star and arm holding a sword over his head. The bowl piece has some denting and the wave pedestal feet are not perfect but very good. They sit well but not entirely flush. I don't know if it is plated or silver...I see no breaks or worn finish areas.

What does someone think? I bought the set for $20. Does anyone have any knowlege of the value or mark. I have done some researching and haven't found this figure on anything I have seen. It looks Russian or Slovic to me. Help please...

"silver plate", "silver"?
Distinguishing marks: 
Figure man with bow and arrow star arm with sword overhead
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Tallest piece is 10" x 6.5"
Tallest piece weighs 3lbs
For Sale?: 


pawojick's picture

Congrats !  Nice score on your part.  I have been an avid collector of antique silverplate for many decades.  I found your mark: According to Dorothy Rainwater, undisputed expert and author on American Silver Manufacturers, this mark is attributed to R.Gleason & Sons of Dorchester Mass.

They were known for their high quality silverplate ware, and were out of business in in 1871.  Also, a mention (error perhaps) of this mark belonging to Manhattan Silver Plate Co in 1904. Records show Manhattan was founded in 1872.  It is silverplate and a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Assuming it is in extra good condition (appears so) and that it will polish up beautifully, I would expect that in the correct venue you could ask$100 to $175.  If you found a somewhat matching tray (not just any tray) it would enhance it's value perhaps.  It could be valued higher due to the special finials, strainer inset, and perfect condition. Polish gently but not often.  Silverplate does wear off after time.  That is why these are rarely seen in such good condition.  Well done ! 

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