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Julian88's picture


I am a writer, I wrote about the Italian Renaissance and Florence. I am very intrigued by this cross. Can you tell me a little more about it? where did you find it?

I read something about a Tuscan Order of the Red Cross and it could be related.

I hope to read you soon.

Best Regards

jenbee's picture

I bought it at a swap meet in our local area.  It was in an old jewelry box with other costume jewelry.  I looked throughout the internet and it says it was a family crest and it was a popular piece long ago.  I don't think it's worth anything, but not sure.  I thought it was really cool and unique.

Julian88's picture

You mean int he US?

Did you find information on Internet about it? If yes, I ma interested.

I am interested to make a reproduction of this broche. Do you think you can send me the dimensions and maybe a closer photo? Thank you very much. (

If I am correct, this is inspired by the Medicis family, but I have to double check.


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