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Telefunken Opus 7 Full Restoration

Recently a truly gifted friend of mine did a complete restoration of what I believe is the best German vintage tube radio that was ever available. It is the Telefunken Opus 7. The Opus 7 is a pretty interesting beast in that you can find them anywhere from around $200.00 for one that needs very bad restoration and doesn't work to around $600.00 for one in pretty good shape. If you find one that looks like it just came out of the factory then they can fetch upwards of $1000.00. In fact during the surge in our economy (a few years ago) it was tough to find one for less than a $1,000.00 in any condition.

At any rate, I was thinking this would be a great place to discuss how one goes about restoring the Opus 7 as well as most other fine German tube radios. If you haven't heard one of these things before then you'll be in for a treat when you do.

I'm going to make this a series, starting with picking a radio and where to find one to final restorative procedures and where you can learn the tools of the trade.

- Charley


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Submitted by johnnyboy on

Charley, can you please post some pictures of your before and after restoration?  I can't wait to learn more about how you restore an old radio.


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I am not a radio collector but I do have a Telefunken Opus 7 in need of some TLC and hope that you will be posting the rest of your article so I might learn how or where to fix it. I live near Toronto, Ontario. In my case the volume control is no longer functional. Other than that, it is a great radio. Been in my wife's family since she was a child.

Telefunken Opus 7

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Change out your capcitors and check if you have a dirty volume control. Make sure you replace the old rectifier with a new silicon bridge rectifier. Change out the tubes with new ones and never use old weak tubes. This should get your radio working like new. Remember you can substitute in parts to get the radio working and do not worry about histroy when removing parts as you are trying to get histroy to work again! My Telefunken Opus 7 works like new and it sounds like you remember!

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on


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Submitted by gdm2104 on

I know this thread is about a Telefunken Opus 7 but I hope you don't mind my question in the hopes I can get some info on my Opus 6.
I just bought this radio in almost perfect condition except for the broken glass dial and the need to replace the power capacitors.
Unfortunately, the information on the "cap" doesn't make sense plus my lack of knowledge of the German language doesn't help either.
Does anybody know what the values are for the power capacitor on this radio?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Moises Narvaez

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Submitted by Blutide09 on

gdm2104: I don't have the schematic for the Telefunken Opus 6 but I suspect that the filter capacitor on your set may be similar to what's on the Opus 7. Look at the inscription on the filter capacitor again that's on your set. It's probably a dual 50uF 350VDC cap.

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Submitted by royax on

Hi All,

Anybody know where to get parts o rebuild the push button mechanism of the Opus 7. I have one in need of restoration but don´t want to mess with it until I can get the push button issue solved. Thank you


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