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Wm Rogers Eagle Star 171 silver plate tea tray 1846

Wm Rogers Eagle Star 171 Silver Plate Tea Tray 1846, 13 inch diameter Excellant condition

Silver and Silver Overlay
Distinguishing marks: 
Wm Roger Eagle Star 171
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
13 inches in diameter
Found in thrift store
For Sale?: 


Lovejoy's picture

Based on what I can see, this looks to be pretty modern silver electroplate. If you could post an image of the mark  I'd be happy to date this piece for you.

The mark Wm. Rogers surrounded by a star and eagle was used by William Rogers between 1825 to 1841 on his coin silver spoons. From 1878 to 1893, after the death of William Sr., it was used by Simpson, Hall, Miller and Company after they signed an agreement with Wm. Rogers Jr. This mark was used again off and on from the late 1800s until at least 1939 by the International Silver Co. Other marks have been used as well.



superking's picture

 I actually have a nearly identical tray, the only apparent differences are that mine was very nearly black with tarnish when I got it, and mine measures 12 1/4" across.  I would gladly supply a pic of my mark, but it won't allow me to upload a pic of the mark to my response, so I'll describe it best I can;  From left to right the marks are: An eagle, "Wm. Rogers" and a star, with the numers "171" centered directly below that.  I'm sure it's not really old, (maybe early to mid-20th century?) and not likely to be worth much, but it'd be great to know for sure, thanks!

Lovejoy's picture

with the exception of some Art Deco pieces , values for 20th century silverplate is modest. The market is currently full of the stuff due to the passing of the World War Two generation, their estate clearances being dumped on the market the last few years. I see platters sell all the time in box lots for under $20.00.

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