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Wilcox International Silver

Very nice Silver Waiters tray, marked Wilcox [IS] International Silver, 3420/2, under that is the letter F.
This tray has lots of very ornate designs of grapes and leaves, and carvings.It has feet with same carvings.
When I first found this it was black with tarnish. I spent 3 hours cleaning it with silver polish, it needs cleaning again.
I have had this tray over 20 years and can not find out anything about it. I have searched all over and never seen another like it.

Silver and Silver Overlay
silver over copper
Distinguishing marks: 
3420/2 with small F stamp
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
26 1/2''long handle to handle, 16'' wide, 2'''tall
8 to 10 pounds
I found this piece along with several other silver pieces in the attic of an old house, over 20 years ago. the lady that we were renting the house from said she had no idea were it came from, and that I could have it
For Sale?: 


Lovejoy's picture

International Silver Co. was formed about 1898, and had gobbled up most other American silver companies by the early years of the 20th Century. Wilcox got gobbled in 1898, but like many companies within the conglomerate pieces were still made under the original banner. In the current market demand for silver plate is weak, at auction comparable trays sell for under $100.00.


YellowMustang1's picture

Thanks Lovejoy, I guess I may be in wrong forum. I know the history of wilcox, and I really am not concerned about value of this piece. what I was hoping to find out is if someone might know what series this piece came from, or maybe the exact year it was produced. Perhaps someone here could recommend a silver collectors site. I have searched the web for months, and cannot find anything except sites that sell.
I dont wish to sell, I wish to find the history of this piece.


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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)


We have the identical tray and are unable to find any information on this tray. Wilcox Silver tells us they do not have a historian and have no record. This has been in the family from the early 1900's so we have assumed it is from the 1900's

Hope you find good information


Flojo's picture

I have the almost the exact tray also.
It has the numbers 3422/2 an I and a 8 enclosed in boxes.
Mine doesn't have the feet around the end corners.
Thanks, Flojo

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