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Waterfall Crystal Table Lamp

Good day everyone! I need your help in determining if this item of mine has any worth at all. I got this from a flea market and the woman said it belonged to her father-in-law so I thought this must be old. I got it for about $27. Right now I'm on the process of selling some of my vintage collections and I'm about to sell this for $20. Nobody seems to be interested so I thought of just removing the crystals and keep them and throw away the body. Before I do that, I wanted to know if this lamp has any worth at all or if it is perfectly suited in the bin.

There are no inscription or something and the arms seems to be made of aluminum-like material plated with gold as with the stem and the base. The base is made of metal and had some rusts and very heavy it makes the lamp very stable. The overall height is 19.5 inches and the size of the tear drop crystals is 2.5 inches. The only writing I could find is on the bulb that says made in holland otherwise the whole thing seemed generic. 

The reason why I thought of asking first before throwing it away is because I tried looking for similar itmes on the Internet and couldn't find any. Maybe this could be rare? Or not.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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