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Vito Ruggeri Oil Paintings

These are 2 oil painitngs that I acquired through an auction. They have an orange and white TMC - Chicago label on the back and from the research I have done it looks as though TMC did import paintings around the 1930's - 1940's which they then used to start up their line of Decorative wall art. I have been told they are both worth a substantial amount of money and that they are also worthless commercial art (never been seen in person however). There are a few similar pieces on the web going for large sums of money but I have not been able to find more than 10-20 pieces in total which seems odd if they were commercial art because there would be hundreds if not thousands of them.

I have also noted that the paintings I have researched are never the same. Each piece (whether TMC or otherwise) never have the same floral arrangement as the ones before or after, making me believe that these are one of a kind pieces.

The pictures may be somewhat blurry but the art work is very clearly an oil painting on canvas and not a print or giclee as giclee wasn't invented until the mid 1980's and Turner Manufacturing Company went out of business in the 1970's.

Thank you.

Fine Art
Oil on canvas
Distinguishing marks: 
L. Ruggeri Signature Vito Ruggeri Biography on painting frame (back) TMC - Chicago Sticker with information (Orange and White not the blue print line)
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Canvas is 8" x 10" within a larger frame
Estimated 1-2 lbs.
Very Little Known
For Sale?: 
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