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Vintage Vogue Dinnerware platter 22k Gold warrented (Washington Colonial)

this is an oval plate with typical design in gold for vogue collections, back is also stamped in green "Washington Colonial, made in usa" and typical marking Vogue dinnerware, warrented 22k gold

Ceramics and Porcelains
Distinguishing marks: 
Platter has gold triming with a photo of what I believe to be George Washington
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
13" platter
approx 1 lb (est)
yard sale find
For Sale?: 


Dee 1961's picture

These pieces are known generally as "courting couple" pieces.

The pieces were made by many manufacturers under tradenames under this broad category. Flutes, fans, and other items in the decal are often used to identify imported wares.

I actually have this specific decal and manufacturer but just a few of these pieces. To the right buyer I could see $25.00 to $40.00 US for the platter.

Visit my online website at

We sell in store at:

Remember When Antiques
330 Frederick Street
Hagerstown, MD

MOKIE-SAN22's picture

When pieces of Washington Colonial, 'Couples' pattern have a dark stamp under the Vogue Dinnerware 22k warranted which is stamped on top of it, that says Semi-vitreous, Edwin M Knowles, made in USA on some pieces, but not all.  In an 8 pc place setting, does this mean that some of the pieces could be imports?  The only difference in the piece itself, that Dee 1961 submitted,  is the type border, mine has the full wide 22k border, not just the edge of the platter, cups, bowls, or plates. However, not all pieces have the Vogue stamp either, such as the teacups and saucers. All do have the same wide 22k border and pattern on the border.           


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