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Vintage Eagle Claw Fishing Rod

This is a single piece, extendable from 6' to 7 1/2', Eagle Claw Powerlight casting rod by Wright & McGill. It is fiberglass with a cork handle and copper colored reel clamp. There is no info online about this rod. Not even Wright & McGill know anything about it besides it being made in the 1950's. Any and all info about this rod would be great.

Sports Cards and Sport Items
Fiberglass with copper colored reel clamp
Distinguishing marks: 
Pitch'n Pole Eagle Claw Powerlight Wright & McGill Co. PL502
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
7 1/2' fully extended 6' collapsed
For Sale?: 


fishwhacker's picture

As a devout fisherman with access to some of the best fishing in the world, I own  few of these rods and am very familiar with them. What you have is a 1950s/1960s  casting rod. Nothing very fancy about it and technology has come along way, but there still is some demand. I routinely buy these for $5-10 at garage sales, they are fairly common. In the retail resale market a pricetag of $30~ is realistic. 


Thanks for sharing, always love seeing old fishing gear. If you have any old fishing/hunting gear, antique weapons/blades, or early firearms please shoot me an email, my email is, I'd love to take a look and might be interested in a purchase.



DadOgg's picture

Thank you so much for the info and I am checking out some old bamboo rods if you could help me with those also.


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