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Vintage Eagle Claw Fishing Rod

Vintage Eagle Claw Fishing Rod appraisal

This is a single piece, extendable from 6' to 7 1/2', Eagle Claw Powerlight casting rod by Wright & McGill. It is fiberglass with a cork handle and copper colored reel clamp. There is no info online about this rod. Not even Wright & McGill know anything about it besides it being made in the 1950's. Any and all info about this rod would be great.

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Medium / Material: 
Fiberglass with copper colored reel clamp
Distinguishing marks: 
Pitch'n Pole Eagle Claw Powerlight Wright & McGill Co. PL502
7 1/2' fully extended 6' collapsed
For Sale: 
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As a devout fisherman with access to some of the best fishing in the world, I own  few of these rods and am very familiar with them. What you have is a 1950s/1960s  casting rod. Nothing very fancy about it and technology has come along way, but there still is some demand. I routinely buy these for $5-10 at garage sales, they are fairly common. In the retail resale market a pricetag of $30~ is realistic. 


Thanks for sharing, always love seeing old fishing gear. If you have any old fishing/hunting gear, antique weapons/blades, or early firearms please shoot me an email, my email is, I'd love to take a look and might be interested in a purchase.



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Thank you so much for the info and I am checking out some old bamboo rods if you could help me with those also.


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