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Theo A Kochs Company Chicago-Barber Chair

All parts and pieces came original and all together. My uncle had restored the metals to clean it up, and the leather was reupholstered which is not original to what I believe was black, but chair is burgundy leather now. Head rest is in working original condition. Porcelain is also in nearly perfect condition and original. Hydraulic pump is also in working condition as well. Over all, the chair is at original condition except the upholstery with all original working parts.I would just like to see what it is worth and maybe get a little history on it.

American Furniture
silver, nickel,porcelain,leather
Distinguishing marks: 
metal patent label dating from august 07 1909-aug 12 1913
Date Period: 
august 12 1913
Size and dimensions of this item: 
barber chair size
250-600 pounds
Found in warehouse, unclaimed and given to my mother as gift, she is a hairdresser
For Sale?: 


lilblondeee's picture

Just posted a comment to another lady on here with a barber chair. I thought hers was about circa 1920ish, like mine. Now I'm wondering if BOTH of ours are older, like yours! (haha) Mine looks a lot like yours, all original, in great shape, but I was told it was only worth about $300-500. HOWEVER!!! There is a Koken chair listed on ebay right now for $2k.

marion yarnell's picture

I have 4 barbers chairs with the walnut side panels They don't have a patent number but do have serial numbers under each seat. My father inlaw had a barbers shop in West Street Durban South Africa and I would love to know more about them.
Many thanks

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

My name is Manie Liebenberg and living in South Africa.My dad retired after 70 years as a barber and gave his THEO A KOCKS chair to me.
The chair has been in use all these years and i would like to refurbish
the chair but i dont have any on chair is 1895.
Wooden sides and arm rests. what kind of leather can i use to recover if required.



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