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Silver Hand held Mirror

This mirror is full of detail front and back.It is true silver or sterling silver and has some tarnish but not was passed down from great great grandmother of a lady I help clean for.she gave me some boxes and this mirror was in there.It looks very old but is in great shape.The glass is not broken and the art and detail is in amazing shape.Thanks

silver and or sterling silver
Distinguishing marks: 
there are no marks or stamps on this item it has very detailed art markings
Date Period: 
not know, maybe 85 years old
Size and dimensions of this item: 
9 and a hlaf and 5 and a quator
1 lbs
I cleaned a ladies garage and she gave me some old things that belonged to her great great grandmother in a box and this was found there.
For Sale?: 
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 Was there ever an appraisal made on this? My Grandmother gave me the same mirror, and i'm just trying to get information on it. Wanting to know what it is made of, who made it. I'd love to know. 

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Items like this silver mirror without any markings to indicate the silver content are silver plated. Depending on the country of origin European examples that are silver will have "Hallmarks" to indicate where it was made , silver content and maker. North American examples tend to be marked "Sterling" or "925" both markings indicating a silver content of 92.5%. These mirrors were generic items made during the late 19th century, usually part of a larger vanity set. On it's own these silver plated mirrors often sell for under $40.00.

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