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Sheets Silver co

Teapot is approx. 12" high with long curved spout and handle and banding of leaves? around center of pot. Bottom is stamped with "Sheets Rockford S. Co., dated 1875 all in a circle and stamping of a set of scales in center. Below circle is stamped the number 301

Creamer is approx 4"-5" high with same banding and stamping on bottom except for the #303

Sugar bowl is approx 4" - 5" with same banding and stamping except for the #303 stamped.

any information and guesstamate of value would be appreciated

Silver and Silver Overlay
Sterling Silver
Distinguishing marks: 
Has stamping of "Scales" with date of 1875 and 301 stamped at bottom
Date Period: 
I'm guessing 1875
Size and dimensions of this item: 
12" teapot with creamer and sugar bowl
know nothing about this... Just pulled it out of attic
For Sale?: 

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