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Rosenthal Ivory, Bavaria, signed with numbers

Dinner plate, Ivory, with pink roses in the center, along with purple and blue flowers. Green rim around the flowers, then a thin band of scrolled gold. In between the thin band of gold and a thicker bad of gold scrolls around the outside is a repeat of the pink roses, purple, blue and yellow flowers, with a gold scroll in between those. Very outside of the plate is edged in gold. Plate is not straight circle, is widely scalloped, with a small indention ever 2 inches or so. Good shape, just some rubbing where the green is, and normal fading of some of the gold scrolls.

Distinguishing marks: 
I have 2 plates, both with green insignia on the back, rosenXthal mark, with a crown over the x. One is signed with 4875 over 117, the other 3845 over 117
Date Period: 
not sure
Size and dimensions of this item: 
dinner plate
not sure
I got it from a house that had been foreclosed. The person who lived there was in the military around WWII, and I have several items from the house that are unsual and older.
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