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Original Oil Painting by Jovan Obican

I have an original oil painting by jovan Obican. the dimensions of the painting not the frame are: 25" X 20".It looks like acrylic on board but I am not sure since it is framed, matted and covered with glass. I don't have access to the back of the art work. Under the magnifier, it is painting and not a print. I have seen may different prints of weddings done by Obican but not this one. It signed and it "looks" authentic. The painting and the frame are in excellent condition. I bought from a lady that said she inherited from her grand-ma but no provenance papers. I would like to know if it was worth my investment. Regards,

Acrylic painting on board
Distinguishing marks: 
Signed Obican
Size and dimensions of this item: 
25" x 20" painting
Bought from a lady that she says she did inherit from her grand-ma.
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