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Meriden B & Company Coffee/Tea Set-6 Pieces-Pattern 1950

6 piece coffee/tea set made by Meriden B & Company. Included in the set are two teapots and 1 coffee pot with hinged lids. The handles have spacers to keep them from getting hot. There is also a covered sugar, creamer, and waste pot. All pieces feature grape bunches on lid, handle and spout. Also they have a highly embossed and detailed flower and are monogrammed. There are also embossed leaves around the rim of all pieces. All pieces are marked Meriden B & Company and have the logo of set of scales. They are also marked 1950, 1950 5, & 1950 6 (pattern number).

Dimensions: The coffeepot measures 12", the larger teapot measures 10 ½ " high to the top of the finial and the smaller one measures 9 1/2" high also to the top of the finial. The covered sugar is 9" high to the top of the finial and the creamer is 7 1/2" high. The waste pot measureas 5 3/4" high.

Set came with Serving Tray which seems to have same grape bunch pattern but is a 1930's or 1940's Federal Silver Company silverplate handled tray. It measures 15" in diameter (not including the ornate handles). This has a etched design at the center and an intricate border of grapes and grapevines. It's signed on the back "Federal Silver Co. Silver on Copper". This tray is in very good condition, there is absolutely no copper showing through the silverplate, This is a fine quality piece of silverplate hollowware, it's heavy and well-made.

Condition: All pieces are in very good condition.


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