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International Silver Company Silver Teapots

I have 2 Teapots. The first one is all silver,weighs 15.75 oz, on yhe bottom it has: International Silver Co with Silver Soldered under it,there is an 8 with a u under it,05002,10 oz,Patented with August 27,1918 under it and the number 24 inside a square. The second one weighs 16.45 oz, It has International Silver Co with silver soldered under it, 05002, 10 oz, 24 inside a square, patented August 27,1918, and a 9 with a symble that kind of looks like a pac man ghost. I have pictures with this post of both teapots. Thank you for your help in appraising these for me.

Silver and Silver Overlay
Distinguishing marks: 
1 has an 8 with a u under it,august 27,1918,international Silver Company,Silver soldered,05002. the other has the same except instead of an 8 it has a 9 with a symbol under it.
Date Period: 
August 27,1918
Size and dimensions of this item: 
about 5" tall
1@ 15.75 oz and 1@ 16.45 oz
These were givin to us by a friend several years ago.
For Sale?: 

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