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Hippolyte Moreau L'Printemps Statue

This is a Hippolyte Moreau statue that is 18 inches tall.  I do not know what it is made of and I cannot find a signature.  This is one of a set of 4 statues Moreau of the four seasons.  This one is L'Printemps (The Spring).  Unfortunely someone tried to clean this one in some kind of chemical bath.  Not sure if it cah be restored or not.  No damage to the statue other than that.  I want to know if this has any value and can be restored.  And what they may be made of.

General Antiques and Collectibles
Distinguishing marks: 
None that we can find
Date Period: 
Late 1800's to early 1900's
Size and dimensions of this item: 
18 inches tall
11.2 pounds
These statues have bee in the family for at least 100 years. They were stored in an attic of an old house and were exposed to some weather elements for at least 80 years.
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