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Henk Bos still life painting

Henk Bos,
34x42 Oil Painting
Vase with flowers, small green/blue chest (9x7.5 in) to the left of vase, lemon in a bowl infront of chest, and a cloth with pictures on it to the right of vase. Signed in bottom left corner

canvas ?
Distinguishing marks: 
Henk Bos
Date Period: 
1901 -1979 ?
Size and dimensions of this item: 
34 in wide , 42 in tall
Henk Bos 1901 - 1979 Netherlands, Has been in our family for years, it used to hang in uncles hotel.
For Sale?: 
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Submitted by BMP

Can anyone give me any info on this painting ? I have not been able to locate this painting online anywhere. It is an original it's been in my family for many years. Any suggestions ?

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

Dear Sir, this is what I Found:
Henk Bos
Houses 1901 - 1979

"The Gooische Still life painter Henk Bos

The painter Henk Bos was born in 1901 in Huizen, the son of a shoemaker's servant. The young Forest developed a great talent for painting still lifes in the style of old masters he admired in museums and thoroughly studied.

He was in his day soon a lot of recognition for his work in America was there and sometimes even the nieuwe Rembrandt in Holland genoemd. (What he obviously took a bit too much credit). Various museums like the Maryhill Museum of Art are works of Henk Bos in their permanent collection. Much of the work of Henk Bos is in America and now appears in many galleries are still there.

In the Netherlands the interest in still lifes, especially the last few years. Work by painters such as Henk, Rob and Henk Molmann forest now becoming increasingly popular. A perfect moment to Henk Bos to care that he has actually earned the last century.

The Huizer Museum has a number of years ago a major retrospective devoted specifically to the work of this talented artist. On the occasion of this exhibition, they also published a book about his work and his life: "Still here: Henk Bos, master of still life"

I hope you have a impression of this painter , we have several works of him in our galery.
This work wil sell at a auction around 1000-1200 Euros
Best regards ,
Dick Zeeman Netherlands

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