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Geisha doll collection

These geisha dolls (and one samurai) were part of a rather large collection of dolls left in a vacant house my son bought to restore and rent.  He was told by neighbors that the collection was owned by a 95 year old gentleman who was stationed in Japan during and after WW2.  He and his wife made several trips back to Japan and bought these back as souvenirs. The dolls were kept in a glass cabinet for many years.  But when the old gentleman became sick, a relative wanted the cabinet but not the dolls, and just left the dolls out, some on a table, some on the floor.  Most were in good shape, just a little dusty - a couple did not fare so well.  My son wanted to just throw them away but they were so unique, so detailed and unusual I felt someone would love to have them.  Fortunately the couple had labeled most of them so I could research and ID them. One was a geisha courtesan stepping out of a taxi or paladin(?), I think there is a story concerning that.  Another was the Wisteria Maiden, and another was Yuki-onna, the Snow Maiden spirit, but she sadly is one that is in bad condition.  I'm posting a photo of the entire collection - I have sold most of them locally for $20-$30.  I had several out-of-town inquiries, but didn't want to risk damage by shipping them. I feel that they were worth much more but just wanted someone to have them who would appreciate them.  The ones I have left are individually pictured: the Maiko and her onesan or mentor; the Geisha playing the shamisen or lute; and the ones in bad shape in the last picture - Yuki-onna and one with long hair.  I would appreciate anything you could tell me about the dolls.  Thanks.

General Antiques and Collectibles
Dolls faces are probably silk - they are firm but are not porcelain. The limbs are stuffed cloth.
Distinguishing marks: 
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Maiko 14", Onesan 18", Geisha with shamisen sitting 10", Yuki-onni 18", Long hair 14"
They are on wood mounts - so approx 2 to 4 lbs.
This collection belonged to a 95 year old gentleman who was stationed in Japan during and after WW2.
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