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EF & EF Industries, Inc. Lamp

E F & E F Industries, Inc. Lamp. NO. 145-4-5X, TM 1972.
Please tell me as much as you can about this lamp. I'm very interested in the value.

Lamps and Chandeliers
Distinguishing marks: 
E F & E F Industries, Inc. NO. 145-4-5X, TM 1972
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
I found this at the local thrift store. I dont know anything about the history.
For Sale?: 


Lovejoy's picture

Sorry to say, this is a mass produced lamp which would have been sold in discount department stores in the 1970's. Values for them are very modest, which is why this one was in a thrift store.


Lindahunter's picture

I just purchased an amber ugly sister to your blue swan. First off I hope you know the glass section is intended to light up, so if yours doesn't, work that out. Next is that it's a very vogue color so lucky you! And with the retro, vintage craze - your find has online sisters going from approximately $49 to at least $149. Probably a pinch more than your cost! 

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