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crystal & brass decanter by Lavorazione A. Mano

I've had this item for about 9 years, but not sure if he got this prior to retiring from the Army in the 1960's (while in the army he traveled around the world several times).
This decanter is brass with crystal glass. It is 12 inches high, and 5inches wide. The handle is firmly secured to the
brass top, and there is a brass bottom...both with designs.
The handle also has a design. There is a cork stopper, with a brass surround and hoop. The silver circle on the bottom
states LAVORAZIONE A. MANO ARG 1000/1000 MADE IN ITALY, and it also has a picture of a male figure dressed in metal armour with tools/sticks in his hand. I don't know if the darker sections can be cleaned/polished for a uniform look.
I've just kept it on a back shelf in a glass cabinet.

Glassware and Crystal
Distinguishing marks: 
silver round on bottom with name & ARG 1000/1000 also a male figure dressed in metal ?
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
12 inches high 5 inches wide
My father had this among his belongings. When he passed away, he left household items to me, his daughter. He traveled the world, and I don;t know when or how he obtained this item.
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jwade67's picture

Hi Natake,

I have a vase with the same information on the bottom with the same logo. Have you ever figured out where this is from???  The design in the crystal is slightly different and the imprint in the silver is slightly different but what you've described  as wording and picture identification is exactly the same. 




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