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Cavalier Cedar Chest

 My husband and I bought this chest at an auction in Howard County, MD about a year ago.  It is a Cedar Chest with I believe a different type of wood venier finish on the outside.   When we got it, the top and trim were painted blue and the body of it was painted a flat white.  It was so beautiful on the inside we purchased it and I spent a couple weeks refinishing it.  It turned out pretty beautifully and seems to be in great shape.  It has a few dents and dings in it but I am overall very pleased with it.  It has a wood burning of a soldier in an oval with the word Cavalier at the bottom that is printed on the underside of the lid of the chest in the top right hand corner.  It does have a working golden metal push button latch on the front however it does not have a key with it.  There is no paperwork with the chest that I have seen some other Cavalier chests have.  The hinges are all sturdy and in good working order.  There is some etching detail on the front as well as along the edge of the lid and base.  On the bottom there is an ink stamping that as far as I can read says PAT. 704 ER. 3788 or possibly 3288.

Assorted Wood, Cedar
Distinguishing marks: 
Cavalier stamp inside on bottom of lid and stamps on the bottom of chest that I believe reads PAT. 704 ER. 3788 OR 3288
Date Period: 
unknown although I have read the first two digits of the last 4 on the underside of the trunk may indicate the year
Size and dimensions of this item: 
44" Long by 19" deep by 18.5 " high
approximately 50lbs
Found at an auction about a year ago
For Sale?: 

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