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The cameo depicts a scene with two men and a dog in front of a brick wall, a tree, and a fence. There is also a house and the outline of a shadow of a village in the background. It has a metal frame; I'm not sure what the frame is made of--it may be gold, but is tarnished. The pearls that surround the perimeter are slightly deteriorated with age, and two appear to be missing. It has a double clasp on the back -- my grandmother said she even wore it as a child, and was always losing it, so her parents put a second "safety" clasp on. One clasp is essentially a safety pin attached to a chain, and the other is a pin that stretches across the width with a circular lock on it, similar to modern pins.

















Jewelry and Gemstones
Looks like it could be made of shell (it is translucent when held up to light) with a ring of tiny pearls around perimeter
Distinguishing marks: 
The image on front is of two men and a dog with a brick wall, a fence, a tree, and a house in the background. The back has 'XXVI' etched in it, very faint, but legible.
Date Period: 
Minimum 113 years old (my grandmother wore it as a child -- she was born in 1894).
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Oval, about 2 inches tall by 1.75 inches wide
It is handed down to the oldest granddaughter in my family. I received it from my grandmother, who received it from hers. Not sure if it went any further than that or not.
For Sale?: 
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