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"The Boy Blue after Gainsborough" portrait

Distinguishing marks: 
"The Boy Blue after Gainsborough" in wooden frame with gold leaf covering / paint. There is a gold plate at the bottom that states the picture name. It is a copy I believe as you can see the stroke marks but the surface is smooth. There is a label on the back as follows "This is a TURNER Wall Accessory. This is one of hundred of accessories manufactured by Turner Mfg. Co.,America's largest producer of decorative accessories for the home. It has sticker with code # 36 and style # 3898.
Date Period: 
not sure
Size and dimensions of this item: 
29.25" wide by 35.25" high
This was given to us by a friend who was helping his aunt move in Illinois. She was going to throw it away and he did not want it so we kept it to ensure it would not be destroyed. We could only find a little information on the paintings such as Turner Mfg Co. was based out of Chicago and was closed around 1975.
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