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black wood burning parlor cook stove

Repainted, new glass, new nuts & bolts. Stove has 2 removable burners and beauty top for display. Everything else in its original condition.

Home Furnishings
black cast iron, and ornate nickle pieces
Distinguishing marks: 
double star parlor stove, made in tawain
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Heigth 32", Width 15", Length 22"
I repainted and restored, I am currently using this stove in my home
For Sale?: 


Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

I have this same stove and am considering having it installed for use as a heat source in our family room. As you have used it, what is your opinion of the stove? Is it efficient? Is it worth it?


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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

Geeze, I have this stove too! Mine says it's from Washington Stove Works though. Not sure the value on it, but it heats the main floor of my home very well.

darklament's picture

this stove was reproduced in the eighties i believe, had one in my house for two years. does not meet epa standards for most areas.

i have seen them sell for as little as five dollars at live auction and as much as three hundred.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

Hi I think I have the same stove also, but the only markings I find on mine are No. 21 right on the front base below the nickel trim and the parts inside are labeled w21 and the grates say No. 21 grate, does anyone else have this or know if it is Taiwan or american made?

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

I just picked up this stove from a friend who wanted it out of her house.  I dont think its ever been used.  I dont see any No. 21 anywhere, but it says Parlor Stove Taiwan on the back and the grates on the inside say washington Stove Works

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

If it says made in taiwan, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE WITH IT BURNING! THESE HAVE A HISTORY OF THE BOTTOMS FALLING OUT! If you get it to hot, you will know! Cracks will start showing up! The walls WILL WARP! If you try to make it air tight, it will get worse! Volganze or something like that sells them brand new for $400! Item #P205E.

They look great but perform POORLY! Do not waste your money unless your buying for deco!

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