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Bavarian Vase

 This vase is approx. 10 1/2" tall and comes up about 7" and slenders to about 2" diameter and the rim is about 2 3/4" diameter.  The base is approx. 3" wide. Its all white with a floral bouquet of flowers on the front and on the back  is a simple 2 small rose/burgandy color flowers.  Around the rim is a gold trim of about 1 1/2" squiggly lines of gold and a design at the bottom  of the gold design .  The vase is shinny and smooth but you can feel the floral design on the front and back. The bottom mark is double W in green with a green crown above it.  Below the double green W is Bavaria and below Bavaria is 034 in Green.  There is a indented number 298/z from what I can see. No other markings.


Not sure maybe porcelain
Distinguishing marks: 
In green has a W with a W in it like a double W and a green crown above it. Below the double W it has Bavaria and below that 034 . There is a indention 298/z near the edge on the bottom.
Date Period: 
Don't know was told early 1900's
Size and dimensions of this item: 
10 1/2" tall approx and 2 3/4" diameter at top rim and 3" bottom diameter. Narrows at the neck to about 2" wide.
Approx 8 ounces guessing
I bought this at a yard sale. The grandmother past who use to live at one time in Germany and the grandchildren wanted to get rid of the belongings.
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