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bavarian tea set

it is a beautifull tea set consisting of 6cups and saucers a tea pot,milk jug and sugar is white porcelain with silver flower pattern painted on,now i am no professional but it seems to me to be handpainted.1 piece of 1 cup is broken but i got it that way and the tea pots lid handle is broken of but i still have the handle it still in the set.i would just like to know what the value of it might is set 925/1000. it has two sets of numbers on two cups 182511 and192011 i dont kno if that the year it was made or tmodel numbers or still the original stickers on it and on the stickers it says ARGENTO GARANTITO M.I 925/1000.dont know what that means.

Ceramics and Porcelains
porcelain with silver flower painted patterns
Distinguishing marks: 
unknown only the term DEUTCHLAND written on it
Date Period: 
am told its from before world war two
Size and dimensions of this item: 
it is a heritage from grandfether,where ,when, and how he got it is unknown to me ,all i know from what i was told is that it dates back to world war two or even before then
For Sale?: 


swert's picture

You don't say why you think the set is Bavarian. It does have that look, but the mark Deutschland could also mean that it is from Nazi occupied Czechloslovakia or perhaps a German factory in Italy?.Possibly the set was exported to Italy and your grandfather found it there? ARGENTO GARANTITO  is Italian for Guarenteed Silver and the 925/1000 indicates that the silver on these pieces is sterling. Rather than a tea set, this appears to be a coffee set. I wish I had more information for you in terms of the set's value. At this point I can only  venture a guess, but it's a really beautiful set and should bring  at least a few hundred US dollars. Without the damage, perhaps much more. With some patience and diligence you might find pieces on eBay and be able to replace your broken items.

soegne minnie's picture

well at the base of the set it has the bavaria marking and it says bavaria so that why i think its a bavarian set.can you tell me what the numbers at the base of the cups mean?that is the only numbering that there is on the set besides the 925/ also has EPIAG D.F written on it and a number 41 i dont know what that means.i am going to try add a pic of what it says on the base and of the stickers on it so you can maybe get a better idea about this set.i would appreciate any info i can get on this set.thankyou for taking the time to look at it in the first place.i tried and am unable to add pic on my reply to you.thankyou very much.

swert's picture

 I don't know what the numbers mean, only that they aren't likely dates. If all the pieces have 11 at the end, perhaps that's a pattern number or the painter's ID. Those are guesses. The following is from a website that should help you find more information about your set. You can search for it by looing for Ginni's Collector's Circle.  Referring to OEPIAG & EPIAG Marks:

"OEPIAG & EPIAG - Stara Role, Czechia (Altrohlau, Bohemia, Austria)

This was an association of porcelain factories. It was formed in 1918 by the Vienna (Austrian) government, and named OEPIAG (Österreichische Porzellan Industrie AG - Austrian Porcelain Industry). In 1920, to reflect the creation of the new country, Czechoslovakia, the name was changed to EPIAG (Erste Böhemische Porzellan Industrie AG - First Bohemian Porcelain Industry).

It is important to note that OEPIAG/EPIAG is not a factory. Each factory was maintained as an independent business, but joined together to promote Bohemian porcelain. Most of the member factories (but not all) used a form of the association's name as a Mark."

The EPIAG DF might indicate that your set was made between 1939-1945 in Nazi occupied Dallwitz, Bohemia (the D in DF), now known as Dalovice, Czech Republic) by the Proeschold & Co. factory because it carries the EPIAG DF Deutschland mark. However,the Gebruder Benedikt factory carried the same mark.

As to value, it's difficult to put a number on your set, but the handpainted sterling silver design, number of pieces and the period in which it was manufactured should make it much more desireable than other similar handpainted pieces. My best guess, again,in the hundreds, perhaps $500. I have a similar coffee set without the sterling design and I wouldn't sell it for less than $250.

The "Bavaria" is puzzling, unless the manufacturer had a factory in Bavaria as well. 

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Could you post an image of the marking? I could see in the corner of one of your images the upturned cup had a company mark on it.

soegne minnie's picture

hi i added a pic off the marking you asked for.hope you are able to help about info on this set.thankyou for taking a look in the first place.the pic not very gud but you are able to see.

Oana-Laura's picture

 It may be a tea set and not a coffee one. It depends on how large the cup is. My grandmother used to have an EPIAG Deutschalnd tea and coffee set. The set had distinct tea cups and coffee cups. Same Tea-Coffee pot, same milk jug, but differet cups for tea and coffee. Although the design was similar, the coffee cups were tiny, as if for Turkish coffee. Also the sugar basin was smaller for the coffee set and larger for the tea set. But the coffee pot and the milk jug were the same, so she used them with either the coffee cups or with the tea cups. The porcelaine was very fine, as if egg-shelled and transparent. Unfortunately, as a child, very fond of old and antique objects, I used to drink tea from the larger cups. As such I broke two of them. Another one was broken by grandma. But the coffee set is still complete.

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