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antique viewfinder

3d view finder imprinted man'fd by underwood & underwood patented june 11, 1901. foreign patents applied for. you look through the lens attached to a picture holder distance between the 2 is about 9 inches. There are two detachable picture holders. There are 14 different pictures to look at and the images are in 3d. Description of the pictures 1. sternly icturesque old fortess seen from a square in modern town, Bergen Norway, copyright 1905 by underwood and underwood. 2. monster forward guns and the crew of the magnificent battleship "Wisconsin", copy right underwood & underwood 1901. 3. goteborg's great market-crowds of busy country folk and towns people- Sweden, copyright 1905 by underwood & underwood. 4&5. In the great market place of busy Bergen, from teh flower market to the fish market copyright 1905 underwood & underwood, there are two of thesse ones are both identical 6.the old fortess of Fredrikshald, Norway copyright 1897 by Underwood & underwood. 7. in the heat of the modern Babylon, Picadilly Circus, London, England, copyright 1896 by Stohmeyer & Wyman. 8. the great ballroom at the palace christiania, norway copyright 1897 underwood & underwood. 9.threatening steeps of the kjendals glacier whose perilous crevassea forbid exploration-norway. copyright 1905 by underwood & underwood. 10. irrigating at orange grove, california copyright 1905 by C.B. Graves. 11. the great union stock yards the greatest live stock market in the world chicago, ill copyright 1903 by underwood & underwood. 12.christiania's largest market norway copyright 1900 underwood & underwood. 13. karl johans street W.N.W. to the royal palace christiania, norway copyright 1905 underwood & underwood. 14. on the fo'castle of the battleship wisconsin copyright 1901 by C. H. Graves philadelphia

tin, wood, metal
Distinguishing marks: 
manufactured by underwood & underwoood
Date Period: 
june 11, 1901
Size and dimensions of this item: 
length 13 inches width 7 inches appro.
10 ounces appro.
belonged to a relative that past away do not know much about it
For Sale?: 

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