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antique Live Steam Model Boiler with steam engine and recripocating boiler water feed pump

Unit Description:

Antique (Possibly 1850 - 1900 vintage) Live Steam Model Boiler





OAL = 26” OAW = 8.5” OAH = 17”

Shell Dia: = 6” Shell Length = 14” Firebox = 7” X 7”

(12) 1/2” X 14” Tubes (Probably brass or copper) (1) Dual Safety Valve

(1) Gauge Glass w/isolation & blowdown valves. (2) Try cocks

Burns: Solid Fuel: Coal, Coke, Charcoal, Wood, Esbit? (2) Sections of Grates

Wet BAck (1) Large Clean Out (Manway) w/strongbacks

0-150 psi Pressure Gauge


Steam Engine:

(2) 1/2” Dia. Cylinders Stroke = 2” Slide Valves

Felt (wick lubricator cups): all rotating points Flywheel = 3” Dia. X 1” Wide

Steam Engine Drives Boiler (Reciprocating) Feed Water Pump

Cylinders are machined from a brass block that also supports the rear (smoke box end of the boiler.


Note: Above  information is provided from visual (hands on) inspection supplemented by general measurements.


This live steam boiler and 2 cyl. engine is a very nice collectors item. It is a quality “TOY”. The engine is compound, uniflow type and water pressure tested to 180 psi. The unit was steam tested and is reported to be safe for operation @ 60 psi. It is reported that a patent was applied for sometime between 1850 and 1900?? The unit is typical of those used to operated steam boats of that era. The engine will run on 30 psi steam.








































































































































































































iron, Brass
Distinguishing marks: 
Date Period: 
1850 - 1900?
Size and dimensions of this item: 
OAL = 26", OAW = 8.5", OAH = 17"
About 45 lbs.
For Sale?: 

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