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1976 Donald Art Co., INC., N.Y. NO 8750 and NO 8753 Lithographs, USA (2)

Found 2 lithographs sealed in plastic together (not airtight) while looking through some old sewing patterns from the 70's that owner had abandoned. Both are very similar, with flowered borders around a little country boy in No. 8750 and a little country girl in No. 8753. Both say Litho U.S.A in bottom right corner and (C) 1976 Donald Art Co., Inc., N.Y. No.#### in the bottom left corner. They are both in unbelievably great condition, and 8750 features a little boy standing by a fence with a fishing pole next to a sign saying "Fishin Hole", while 8753 features a little girl sitting in a chair holding two kittens with a third kitten in a basket on the ground that has "Free Kittens" pinned to it. They are very cute pictures and well preserved, just don't know much about them. (Photos are horrible, taken with a cell phone, does these pieces no justice!)

Distinguishing marks: 
No. 8750, No. 8753 and Litho in USA printed on bottom of both
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Found with some old sewing patterns from the 70's, cannot find much info about them.
For Sale?: 


zeulner's picture

If any one has info on how to buy or find these prints please let me know!I am interested in buying the 1976 Donald Art Co. Little Girl with Kittens art print. We got the other three prints like this at a thrift store and they so perfectly represent our kids looks and personalities! But now we have a forth baby, a little girl, and we would love this forth print to represent her. We have been looking for it for a while and this is the only place we can find any info about it. Let me know if you still have it and would sell it. Thank you so much! 

Lovejoy's picture

No huge value I'm afraid, in a good frame they might go for $25.00- $35.00 as Decorator pieces for a child's bedroom.

These  litho prints were mass produced in large quantities, and in most cases were intended to be sold cheap. And Donald Art Company was not the only one doing this. During the 60's, 70's and 80's there were quite a few art print companies who sold millions of prints at very low prices. Most of those prints will have little value.

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