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1934-35 Carl Eickhorn presentation bayonet

This etched bayonet or short sword is in very nice condition, there is no rust or pitting though some discoloration does appear on the steel. It has a bone or stag handle adorned with three (3) brass acorns and what appears to be hooves for the hilt? Also what looks like a shell just ahead of the hilt, all made of brass. Various etchings adorn all sides of the blade, florals, crossed canons, rifles and crossed swords are all plainly visible in the etchings. The scabbard shows alot more age and wear. The stitching has deteriorated and the leather is hard but still maintains the shape nicely. The brass top and bottom have dents and dings. This weapon appears to be of quality steel but is unsharpened.

Steel, bone, and brass
Distinguishing marks: 
Maker's mark consisting of praying squirrel with C.E.
Date Period: 
1934-35 according to various web sites using the maker's mark.
Size and dimensions of this item: 
24 inches in length
I don't know much of the history of this item, the majority of weapons designed by Carl Eickhorn were Nazi officer swords. This is clearly not one of those.
For Sale?: 


AlexAtlas's picture

That's not a bayonet. What you actually have is a much more desirable item, a german Hunting side-sword or dagger. While the scabbard separation isn't that great, it does not effect the price all too much. Valued at $300-$500. Excellent piece and a highlight of any edged weapon collection!

Antique Weapons and Militaria Expert from Atlas Arms And Armor

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