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Ask a general question about antiques, art, or collectibles or request an appraisal about a specific item (history, value, etc.).
Have questions about an appraisal request? Read this first before posting a question here.

i have a bear compound bow serial number is WH-630693 can you tell me how old it is and what it would be worth
How does appraisel work
do you know o a painter by the name of lantren
Linking My Instappraisal Account with My Twitter Account
what is the value of a 5 draw dresser?
where can I find info on a motorola console record player
could anyone tell me what a 1970 s lincoln cent strong die clash is worth?
What is the best antique show to visit in Atlanta?
How can I find a good watch appraiser in Los Angeles?
Where do I find the appraisal ? I am new to this and don't know how to find anything but the appraisal request
I have an old Philco serial 3AD132831, mod3el H 732. Can someone tell me what year this is and what it's worth?
how long before I find out the valu e of my girl figurine
sorry to bother you , when will i find out the value of my figurine, i do not know where to look to find out anything, will you
How long does it take for me to get a "free appraisal"?
Does anyone know the value of C. Benolt's tropical paintings?
will yu e-mail me when you have a value on my figurine or how will I know
Copper on Enamel Panel by Arthur E. Harvey - should I keep this?!?!?!
I have an antique campaige badge collection. would like to know what their worth.
how will I know if someone wants to buy my figurine
how do i register?
have a tea set from wilcox number 7112 can you tell me how old and what it is worth
Where could I buy Tell City Hard Rock Maple Furniture and what kind of prices?
Would like to know the value of a Westinghouse Rectigon Battery Charger
we have a brass sax engraved dated 1835 h.bettoney, whats it worth?
How do I get my Koa Wood Bowl appraised?
How do you know if your braclete is from the 1800's or not??????????? :)
I have a ribbed water pitcher set ca 1930 with silver overlay, 8 glasses. The pattern might be called optical.
information on teapot with EB Manning's patent June 5th 1862 stamped on bottom.
Where can I find information about china? The bottom says(:LORENZO: F' B' & C ITALY with an upside down V with a dot in it?
do you know where I could get extra chairs for a Mount Airy Furniture Co. dining room set?
Age of Singer Treadle Sewing Machine Number 66-1 s/n D1344858
I entered my item for a free appraisal, where do I find the appraisal?
How would I go about having an old Theo A. Kochs' barber's chair restored?
How do I find out the year a Koken Barber Chair was made?
ceramic kewpie baby, sticker on bottom w/ picture of crown & letter E on L, W on R side of crown. Brand? Age? Value?
I have a picture with your appraisal name on it over 30 year ago, seeking information on P303-6 G3092-111 #7-Tempio D'ercole
With so many antique dealers, how do I know who to go to for an appraisal?
Where do I begin to research a nativity scene. with only a code number on the bottom of one of the figurines.
1800's bible
Is a Holly Hobby porcelan teaset from 1976 valueable
i have a antique mahogany card table stamped with a green tag indicating grand rapids mich imperial 123
myott sons & co hand painted platter # G.G. 1386 12" by 9" any info? age? value?
is a myott sons co hand painted 12 by 9 inch platter # G.G. 1386 worth anything? how old etc? found in attic
I have a Abercrombie and fitch long bow, was wondering if it was pre 1928
got old pic. need to if it's of value?
lane altavista, virginia
value of F. B. Rogerssilver sugar bowl #2377
Does anyone no anything about this pocket watch from Elgin watch co?
Information on a A. Whitman painting please?


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