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Ask a general question about antiques, art, or collectibles or request an appraisal about a specific item (history, value, etc.).
Have questions about an appraisal request? Read this first before posting a question here.

Posting Photo's
I paid for an appraisal, how do I find it?!!
How to delete a Posting
Message service?
The lion king on VHS
Aristotle contemplating the bust of Homer Rembrandt
wooden icebox
I made a posting several days ago. How can I locate it now to see if there were any responses??
how much is this wilt chamberlain bar mirror appraised for
how many items can you request an appraisal?
Who is the artist?
Can I not upload pics from my iPad?
How do I get a password?
where can i get info on a mersman 7566 table
where can i find the value on denim days fig.
Can I add additional pictures to an appraisal request I have listed?
how much is a Roman Gladiator Ornament A.D. worth?
How can I get my pictures to your size specifications for uploading... the smallest I can get is 160x120
two posting on pocket watches i listed
How do I find my initial appraisal request?
Please tell me how to find out if my Faberge Rose Brooch has been appraised
how do u find out what the item u posted is worth after u add it to the site
Regarding a Chinese Porcelain Jardiniere Fish Pot
How do I find out if my Faberge Rose Brooch has been appraised?
Please tell me how I can find out if my Faberge Rose Brooch has been appraised.
How do we see if our item has been appraised?
Which oil painter has monogram K overlapped with a J or L (looking like a J)
HELLO!HELLO! does anybody appraise my item;gold water vase pg8-9
how do i find my post for a free appraisal?
How much is a 1930s 1940s stick out telephone sign worth?
How much is my invitation to General Butler from President & Mrs. Roosevelt with gold seal on invitation and envelop
How do I get my item back to the 1st page after its gone to pg 2 & so on?
I posted a large photo of Mae West & I can't find anything about it. Did it get appraised & where do I go to find it?
Whats the age and price of my hope chest.
170 Richardson water heater
H Hargrove oil painting
how much can i get for my 1942 lane cedar chest
Fender Stage 185 Amp
Any idea of the value of a Murano Black Faced Band Clown 10"?
Figurine Value
How much do a Paul Detlefsen oil painting is worth
can i just see items selling in the uk?
How much is a 298 A seth Thomaston clock worth? in fair condition?
Old Stoneware Crock Jug Whitehall A.D Ruckel and Sons #2 in blue stamped
how much is my (Chicago Iron) its an iron that requires you to put it on the stove to heat before ironing
How much is a RCA Victora worth?


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