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Mafia City is free to play, meaning anyone can login and play

Mafia City is free to play, meaning anyone can login and play appraisal

The most important part of any video game is how accessible it is, meaning how easy is it for a player, who has heard of the mafia games free through word of mouth, or online, or from an article, to sign up and begin playing. The key reason why many mobile games have taken off is not mainly because of their easy gameplay, or cartoonish graphics, but because playing it is a simply matter of searching it on the relevant app store.This project aims to provide an addictive MMO with an interesting mafia genre to anyone around the world.(Expected) RevenueOne word dominates the MMORPG industry and that is Freemium. Mafia City is free to play, meaning anyone can login and play using their own account or a Facebook account. Expenses for this project are quite minimal right now, the most expensive cost is the dedicated server which is only £5 per month. There will be two types of "Upgrades", one for the players, and one for the gangs. Players can upgrade by purchasing an upgrade pack at the price of £4.9 per month, which lasts 30 days - or that can optionally upgrade to a rolling version, which renews every 30 days as is £3.9. The benefits gained are mostly things along the line of a change in the colour of their name in the game, an increase of the energy bar from 100 to 110, and other small perks which are helpful, but do not contribute to making things unbalanced. The other pack is one of limited supply, it costs £14.9, and is limited to 999 sales per month, includes all of those of the base upgrade, plus more.The second type of upgrade is one where gang leaders can purchase a "gang pack", which will upgrade 10 members of the gang with a base upgrade pack, and provide the gang with certain perks.Risks & challenges

The most important thing at the moment is to optimise the game so that it can be played on most devices, without sacrificing content. The larger the world map, the more data that each client will have to download temporarily when the first load the game client, which can be frustrating for users.


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