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How do I get my item back to the 1st page after its gone to pg 2 & so on?

I posted a bar to get appraised several days ago & it's now gone to pg 11 or 12 & I'd like to get it back to pg 1 if possible, in case the right person didn't get to it in time. Is it possible to send it back to the 1st pg without re-doing the whole process again?


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Submitted by Joseph on

Hi WorthyOrWorthless,

At present you can't get your posting back to the first page as appraisal requests, Q&As, Classifieds, etc. are entered with the most recent postings appearing first - basically you see things in a chronological order. We are currently working on a way that you can spotlight your requests so it will be easier to be viewed over a longer term by the community.

- Joseph

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