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Carla Stevenson's picture

I own this model machine with a different cabinet it has light wood a small desk the machine turns inward and rest upside down the table folds in and open sideways and the foot pedals attached to the inner wall making it a knee pedal I was gifted this a few years ago by my elderly neighbor prior to her moving and I currently need a machine for a DIY project. I never realized I was sitting on an antique until today . What is its value?

Lovejoy's picture

It was manufactured by Gellman Manufacturing Company of Rock Island, Ill, being the invention of Charles H Petskeyes who took out six patents for the machine's loop taker, rotary hook mechanism, low cost simplified stitch length regulator with reverse from 1949 to 1955. Warren Hanson's thread guide patent was granted in 1954. No big value except to collectors @ about $200.00, at a general auction they often fail to get bids or sell for under $100.00.

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