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1947 Lane Cedar Chest

I have a 1947 Lane Cedar Chest that had paneling on it that started to come off so I started removing it to reveal the cedar and I'm trying to find out how much it's worth in the condition that it's in. Also if I restore it how much will it be worth then.

Home Furnishings
Distinguishing marks: 
Serial numbers and the name is branded into the cedar
Date Period: 
The paneling that was on it started to peel so I decided to I started to start to remove it to expose the cedar but all somebody would have to do is finish it up and it would be gorgeous.
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Lovejoy's picture

Unfortuneately these chests do not have a great deal of value to begin with, even in very good condtion they often sell at auction for under $75.00. We seldom sell one for over $200.00 currently, those stripped of all their veneer and refinished are hard to sell for over $125.00.

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