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Grundig Radio Stereo Console - KS680U with

This 1965-1966 grundig ks680u stereo console with an awesome tube receiver, turntable and reel to reel recorder was my grandfathers. The console is made with very high quality wood with a gloss finish. Everything is in excellent working order.  All speakers work, the turntable spins, the reel to reel works great, and the receiver powers on and tunes in.  Very smooth volume and tone controls.  Original components include a built-in DUAL 1009 Hi-Fi Turntable and AM/FM radio receiver.  A folding lid with a metal hinges encloses the receiver and turntable, which plays at 33, 45 and 78 rpms. Additionally, a Sony TC-350 three-head reel to reel (4-trak) with cover - (Monophonic or Stereophonic) is included on the lower slide out shelf. This unit was made and sold in Germany during the late 60s.

This modern style console is stunning to look at. There are no dings. One two inch long scratch is located on the top and some small scratches are on the bottoms of the legs but other than that there are no other noticeable scratches.

I am looking to sale the whole console unit but I am a realist, so i don't hold out a lot of hope of selling this complete.  The fact is, that it's in excellent condition and is so beautiful, that i have to try.  The alternative option is that I will have to salvage it. Unfortunatly I just don't have the space for it.

Any ideas of how much someone would be willing to pay for it?





Grundig (Werke GMBH) 8150 Furth Bay




Radio /

Valves / Tubes

12: ECC85, ECH81, EA801, EA801, ECC808, EM87, ECC83, ECC83, EL84, EL84, EL84, EL84

Semiconductors (the count is only for transistors)

Diodes: AA113,AA113, BA102 

Double Diode:  9476

Silicone Diode: BYY35, BYY35, BYY35, BYY35, BAY18, HR11



Superhet with RF-stage

Tuned circuits

9 AM circuit(s)     12 FM circuit(s), 2 (2) turnable

Wave bands

Broadcast, Long Wave, Short Wave plus FM

Included components

Dual 1009 Hi-Fi Turntable

Sony TC-350 Three Head Reel to Reel (4-trak) with Cover - Monophonic or Stereophonic

Power type and voltage

Alternating Current supply (AC only); 50/60 cps

115 Volts; (110-125 Volts)  220 Volts

Power consumption

Approx. 110 watts


10 perm. dyn. “Superphone” loudspeakers


Modern styled wooden case


Console with Push Buttons.

Dimensions (WHD)

67 1/4" WIDE x 18 1/2" DEEP x 33 1/2" TALL


Included are the original instruction manuals for the console, turn table, and reel to reel recorder.  

Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg)

75 kg / 165 lb 3.2 oz (165.198 lb)

Source of data

Original Grundig Instruction Book, Handbuch VDRG 1965/1966



General Antiques and Collectibles
High quality wood with a gloss finish
Distinguishing marks: 
Grundig Radio Stereo Console - KS680U with tube AM/FM radio receiver, Dual 1009 Hi-Fi Turntable, Sony TC-350 Three Head Reel to Reel recorder, and 10 perm. dyn. “Superphone” loudspeakers.
Date Period: 
1965 - 1966
Size and dimensions of this item: 
67 1/4" Wide x 18 1/2" Deep x 33 1/2" Tall
75 kg / 165 lb 3.2 oz (165.198 lb)
Inherited from my Grandfather
For Sale?: 

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