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.44 Cal black powder pistol

This pistol was given to me by my Grandfather after he had passed away. He said it was sold to him in 1950 and has had it since. It is a 7.5 inch, 2.48 lb. .44 cal black powder pistol with an octagon barrel with a brass sight pin and engraved tumbler showing the Tex Mex navy battle of 1843 and a horizontal engraving stating: Patent "N". It also has the engravings on the barrel stating: .44 cal Navy Model - Made In Italy and on other side of barrel is engraved EXCAM and underneath has Black Powder Only. The trigger housing is solid brass with no engravings on it. Hammer is steel with a "V" cut for a sight. Also has a wooden grip.

Steel, Brass, and wood grips
Distinguishing marks: 
Barrel is octagon with engravings: EXCAM on flat surface at eye level, Turn of barrel reveals Black Powder Only near ram handle on left side, Cal .44 Navy Model - Made In Italy on right side. Tumbler has 1843 Tex - Mex navy scene engraved on it with a horizontal bar through it with Patent N in the bar. No engraving on the brass or wood. Brass sight pin at end of barrel and notched sight on hammer. No engraving on hammer.
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
7.5" inch barrel roughly
2.48 lbs.
Grandfather said he picked it up in about 1950 at a gun show. Not sure what he paid for it. I have seen reproductions online that are similar but have much more engraving and such and seemed to all be made in the 70's or 80's year ranges. Have not seen any kits available any earlier, especially in the 50's.
For Sale?: 


deerfarmer92's picture

 I have almost the exact same pistol.  The condition is only fair and I am not sure of the date it was made.  The cylinder does not have the engravings yours does, but the pictures definitely confirm they are almost identical guns.  

ZeroCool989's picture

A good rule of thumb to go by with the black powder revolvers is that if it has black powder spelled out on it that it is most likely a replica. I have a .36 caliber that is similar to yours. What you got there is a Pietta model 1851 Confederate Navy .44. And I would say its sitting around $150 in Value. Its a great piece of history

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