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Inca burial head pottery

I have this that i inherited,  it is in amazing condition,  I am interested in knowing its value, and possibly selling it. This is what is written on the bottom. 


To Mr.  and Mrs. Geo N. Lawnver


This specimen I procured from a native of Peru in Sienfic Province of Pacos Wayo in 1912. I can vouch for its genuiness as the Indian from whom I received it was when I met him in the act of excavating an old Inca burial ground from which this was taken. This is estimated to be at least 1000 years old and is concede by authorities on south American antiques to be one of the very best specimens extant of ancient peruvian pottery ware or inca huaco as they are better known. 

                                             Jou Q. Guuhlow


Ceramics and Porcelains
Size and dimensions of this item: 
approx. 8' tall 5" wide
For Sale?: 


Lovejoy's picture

Items like this really are beyond the services of any sort of online appraisal format, they really require the services of a specialist and a physical appraisal.

Thomas Gordyn's picture

I would agree with Lovejoy ...  Here is an interesting article.

These pots were made to look after a real person. You may want to contact a museum or auction house that deals with these artifacts. In many south amercian and other countries its illegal to possess these things due to the historical significance. Many graves have been looted for profit ... while thier dearly departed RIP  ... Its nice to see the letter of providance with this piece as it helps to validate its origin and other important details.

Thanks for sharing  ... 

Respectfully ... Thomas J. Gordyn Certified Professional Antique Appraiser - AIOA              Proud Gold Member of The American Numismatic Association. 


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