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Silver Chopstick Set-Case



A Finely Incised Silver Ornamental Knife/Chopsticks : Jangdo Dagger from Korea, Choson period, 19th century,

This is an ornamental utensil knife set with chopsticks used used for emergencies in Choson Dynasty’s  society. The case and knife have beautiful carving. The handle and sheath are highly decorated. Measures 4 5/8” long after assembled. It’s in very good condition.

Choson dynasty Korean men and women wore silver knives hidden inside

their clothes near their chest in order to preserve their honor by suicide should

it become necessary. The chopsticks were for checking food for poison. The set was sometimes a gift of the bride’s in laws, indicating the strictness of a society that placed an extremely high value on fidelity and purity.



Asian Art
Distinguishing marks: 
Engraved in Korean
Date Period: 
aprox. 100yrs +
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Case is 4 5/8 inches x 1/2 inches
approx.. 4 oz.
A Finely Incised Silver Ornamental Knife/Chopsticks : Jangdo Dagger from Korea, Choson period, 19th century
For Sale?: 


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i am interested in buying this silver chopstic.

i see that for sale in description.

i want to know how much for it ?

you can send th my email that

you can ship to my us address..i can pay thu paypal and credit..

please let me know...

i remain.thanks.yong

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