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Why do you think that the necklace is 825 silver? The smaller mark is an called an eagle mark and it looks like it has a three in the middle. Eagle marks are put on Mexican silver in part as to designate the fineness of the silver as at least sterling or 925. There is also a 925 in the circle around what look like the Initials TAM. That also means that the silver is sterling. TAM is the makers mark and can be found as a silver maker with an eagle three designation in Hougarts book of Mexican Silver Hallmarks. There are different styles of eagle marks and your photo isn't clear, but it looks like a later eagle and they were in use from 1948 - 1980. From what I can see it looks like a nice design. If I were to sell it I would want to get three times silver weight at 1 dollar a gram ( so 85x3= 255) unless it's a collected designer or enameled or unusual then I would adjust the price accordingly. Hope this helps

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