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Waterfall Oil Painting

 My painting is still in the original frame. Frame is made of plaster and has a couple of small chips in it.  The painting itself is in excellent condition, but needs cleaning.  On the back of the painting (on the frame of the painting) is a paper with the following information:  harry hoffmann - Kunstmaler     bad  ems     schillerstraBe2    telefon  2046        The frame has this written on it:  wasserfall   le/munchen.    The painting is signed Harry Hoffman 1961.  There is something else written under the artists signature but I can not read what it is

Oil painting on canvas with original plaster frame
Distinguishing marks: 
Harry Hoffmann
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
canvas approx 19 x 23 frame approx 23 x 26 (inches)
8 to 10 pounds
My dad was stationed at an Air Force Base in Germany in the late 50's to early 60's. Prior to returning to the US he purchased 5 paintings from this same artist (1 for each child..something to "pass down"). .
For Sale?: 


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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

Harry Hoffman
Harry Hoffman was my grandfather. I think he was a wonderful artist and a wonder grandfather.

Found this email on a post on the net, states he is grandson, perhaps you could ask him some questions...I do not know how legit he is..sounds sincere

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

My grandfather is Harry L Hoffman a an America impressionist who lived in OLd Lyme Conn. I do not think he was the artist in question>I thinkthat is a German painter  Harry Hoffman  and my grandfather was notpainting in Germany in1962

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Pardon me...but this is the wrong grandson for mr hoffman....please excuse my mistake...this man is not nice...I am only  human, however I will look for info on this art work....


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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

While doing some research online....I have seen some of his works at 4500 dollars and low range 3500, however I cannot tell you the worth of your painting..hope this helps

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I have a large Harry Hoffmann painting done in 1967 by commission for my mom in Germany.  It is a monk tasting wine in the winery. Two small paintings were also purchased each of a German guy drinking beer.  the frames are also plaster.  I can't seem to find anything on this painter a either. 

Would like to find more info on this and Heinrich Faust horse painting from around the same year.  I have quite a few paintings here at my mom and dads: a Hann snow mountain scene, K Smith scenery, Nordmann scenery, and a water color by Vergl Goodnight 1984 13/500.

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There are 2 Henry Hoffman. One came to America... Henry L Hoffman.The other  stayed in Germany married and had a son. Herr Henry Hoffman painted for the military families stationed in Germany. He lived in Ramstein Germany. if any one can help me find further information and pricing I would appreciate the help.  Thank you

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