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early 1900s vanity 3-way mirror and dresser set

I have several pieces from a bedroom set that have been in my family since, at least, 1920, and have a style that seems older than that date.  All items are solid wood with floral like adornments and scroll carvings.  Two pieces have mirrors which show age -- beautiful reflective surfaces with simple etch details but quite different to the brillant mirrors of modern times.

First, the 3 way mirror: 3 long mirrors, hinged together, in a collective frame that stands freely on the floor.  Each side mirror is 48" long, while the center mirror is 39" long and ends atop a small vanity shelf with drawer.  Both the frame and mirrors have unique details that are common with all the pieces of the set.

With the mirror is a low back, upholstered vanity seat that has a wider front edge than back edge.  It features scrolled, bowed out arms and cross support bars near the bottom of the legs.

The dresser has 3 long width drawers, although the details on the outside give it the appearance of several smaller drawers.  There are no metal rails or rollers underside, only a wood groove and multiple dovetails at the joints.  It stands just over 34" tall itself and has a rounded, etched mirror that attaches to the back top edge of the dresser with wooden blocks.  The mirror adds an additional 37" to the height of the piece.

The final item is a upright chair that looks more like a dining chair by today's standards but has always been kept together with this set and features the same carvings that are on the other pieces.  It also has a wider front edge than back edge, but not as varied as the vanity seat.  The height of the back stands at 36" while the seat height is 18".  The same crossbar supports are attached to the legs of this chair as well.


Solid wood. No metal guides or rollers under drawers, only wood.
Distinguishing marks: 
none known
Date Period: 
early 1900s, around 1920
Size and dimensions of this item: 
(in inches) 3 way mirror: side panels 19x67, center panel 20.5x68, vanity drawer height from floor 25.5 low rise vanity seat: back 26H, seat 18H, front edge of seat 25W, back edge 21W, widest point of arms 29 dresser: 48.5Wx34.25Hx19.75D, mirror: 33.75Wx37.5H and 46.75 at support base Upright chair: back 36H, seat 18H, front edge of seat 17.5W, back edge 14W
Believed to be remaining items from bedroom set, given to my great grandmother in Fall River, Massachusetts, in 1920, as a wedding present from her aunt, who cared for her and with whom she was living with at that time. Unknown if it was new then or was already in the family and passed along to her.
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