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Antique REX 84-A cast iron wood burning footed stove /laundry heater

Rex 84-A cast iron wood burning footed stove/laundry heater dated around the 1920’s. Unit has a fluted tapered belly, square cast iron legs, an air regulator dampener at the top front to adjust flame and another on the door at the base to insert wood or coal and remove ash. There are two round burners on top so it can be used as a cooking stove or room heater, also known as laundry heater. Measures approximately 19 ¾” W X 23 ¾” H X 22 1/2” D. Unit is sold as is, with no warranty.

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This is NOT a wood stove, this is a coal stove as determined by the fuel pan. This stove was manufactured in America beginning sometime in 1874 until oil stoves became the norm sometime between 1920-1950 depending on your location. It now auctions at around $300 and up depending on condition and location. Shipping charges often kill price offers at online auction sites. At normal auctions this stove can sometimes reach an excess of $800

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