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What you have is a beautiful bride basket/bowl popular in Victorian times as a wedding gift.  Often these were made to fit into a fancy silver(plate) basket usually with a round base, feet, and sometimes handle.  Even though there have been many re-productions in the 20th century, I'm guessing yours was made around the late 1800's or very early 1900's.  It is hand made (blown glass) with a nice bottom pontil, and the artist even signed it.  It is pink cased satin with enameling of birds and flora.  I have a vast collection of these sets (hobby gone wild). The prices have been steady, but not over-the-top.  If there are NO chips, cracks, flakes or other issues I would estimate that wou could ask between $100 and $175.  I have not seen this makers mark, but that is not unusual as many were even unsigned, and there were many artists making these.  The bride would display these on the sideboard with fruit in them.  They were not called bride baskets until they became highly collectable many years later.

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